Tuesday, October 4, 2011

INK: My Little Pony version

When I saw Rebecca Enzor was hosting a My Little Pony contest, I couldn't wait! I loved them growing up and still love them.

When 16-year-old Katie moves to Japan, she crosses paths with Tomohiro, the kendo star of Suntaba High School. His secret passion is drawing, except his sketches come to life in dangerous ways, and the ink won't leave them alone. What nightmare lurks within his power, and how will Katie and Tomohiro confront the Yakuza who want to wield it?

So I present to you, the dangerous Yuu Tomohiro from INK WASH, in his adorable pony form:


Tomohiro pony's hooves are dipped in ink, as he can't escape his fate. His cutie mark is the kanji for Kami, the spirits of ancient Japan. His mane and tail reflect that bleak fate, and trust me--the wings are vital too. I just can't say too much ^_^

INK WASH comes out late 2012/early 2013. Tomohiro pony is huggable NOW.

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