Monday, November 12, 2012

ARCs, WFC 2012, and Tomo-pony

Lots of updates to tell you guys about!

First of all, Tomo-pony arrived!


For those of you wondering who Tomo-pony is, he is a custom My Little Pony based on Tomohiro from INK. He won Pony Fest 2011 on Rebecca Enzor's blog, and was made by the talented Kalavista. She also sent the Princess Celestia notepad, which is awesome because I haven't seen them for sale in Canada. :)

Look at that kanji cutie mark! It's like a teaser for INK! XD

News #2!! I went to World Fantasy Con last weekend, and took these lovely bookmarks with me:

WFC2012 was awesome and fantastic and I met amazing people like Charles de Lint, Holly Black, Hiromi Goto, Leah Peterson, Jess Corra, and a ton more lovely people.

I'm on the left. Based on my weird face, I'm clearly saying something important and vowel-y.

I could go on and on about how awesome WFC was...

Like this awesome picture where TONS of AUTHORS are SIGNING BOOKS in ONE ROOM!!

...but I will save it for another day, because I have one more exciting piece of news!

...wait for it...

ARCs have arrived!!!

If you follow my Twitter, you saw the unboxing and my crazy ARC hair.

But this doesn't really do you much good, because the ARCs are not in your house, but in fact, my house.

SO! There will be a giveaway coming up. I can't say when but... >_> <_< ...sources say soon.

Also, if you're a blogger: *waves* Hi! ARCs of INK are limited, but if you're still interesting in getting in touch about ARCs or e-galleys, please email me at AmandaSunBooks AT Gmail DOT com. I'd love to hear from you!

That's all for now! I'm working on a super sekrit project, which I'll be letting you all know about soon. Hope you look forward to it ^_^