Friday, April 19, 2013

In Which There is News!

Hey guys! So, I have some fun things to share with you. I'm hoping to have a blog post up on Ad Astra soon, too, with some awesome pics, but first...this newsy post.

So, first item...

It is seven weeks tomorrow until SHADOW is out.

Yay! I have some fun things planned for a countdown to the prequel, including preorder giveaways, teasers, and fun extras. So I hope you look forward to that! ^_^

Coming June 1st!

Second and biggest news...I'm going to BEA! And I will sign books for youuuu!

First I was all:

And then the jumping started:

 And now I'm kind of in this mode:


I will have a schedule for you guys closer to the date, but I can't WAIT to hear who's going and meet all you lovely bloggers and readers and people!

I will be bringing Tomo-pony with me, of course. So make sure you come by and say hi to us!

Tomo-pony is the MLP form of Tomohiro from INK. Yes.

For those of who you can't make it to BEA (and I wish you could!), I will do my best to tweet and keep you guys involved, and hopefully the fun SHADOW extras will help! And Armchair BEA. That's how I attended last year. ^_^

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you look forward to the SHADOW goodies starting soon!


Jessica Noreault said...

Congrats! This is great news, I am happy for you!

Breana M. said...

Congratulation’s, have fun at BEA! :)

Anonymous said...

Ink looks so great! I hope I receive an ARC for review. *hint* ;)

Jack (

Petra Poet said...

Looking forward to it. Have fun at BEA :-)

Amanda said...

Thank you all. Really excited and hope to see some of you there! :D

Amanda said...

Jack - thank you! INK will be on Net Galley April 25 so you can look for an egalley there :D

Anonymous said...

I saw it on netgalley, but unfortunately I don't have an ereader. :( is there any way to get a physical ARC? Sorry if I sound rude. :/