Tuesday, June 25, 2013

INK Book Birthday!

It's heeeereeee!!

INK is out in the wild today!! Thank you to everyone who helped make it happen! I'm so excited to share INK with all of you. :D

Get your copy now!


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J.R. Johansson said...

Congrats, Amanda! I'm so happy for you! Loved this book!

Amanda said...

Thanks so much Jenn! What an exciting day :D

Kuri P. said...

I saw INK at Wal-mart the other day and immediately snatched it up! I had read a synopsis of it earlier on FB. A mythical YA novel set in Japan? I am all over it! I'm half-way through it right now [couldn't put it down today] Eeee <3

Jennifer Long said...

I saw this book at hastings and it looked interesting so I bought it. I loved the whole thing and cant wait for more.

Sarah said...

Loved this book! I hope you release the next really soon!

Oly said...

It's so great!!!
I really can't wait the next one!!!!!

Gen said...

Reading the book now. I used to be really into anime and manga as a teen and reading this I feel as if that part of my childhood has come alive again. How wonderful! I'm absolutely giddy as i'm writing this. What's funny is that as I was about to take the metro back home when I decided to stop by the book store in Grand Central Station to take a gander at what they had. I judged that book right by its water-colored cover, picked it up, and handed it to the cashier who had also been sneaking some readings from the book during her lunch break (she raved about it too!)

Gen said...
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